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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pricing List

1. Chocolate Moist Steam Cake (1kg) = RM35

2. Chocolate lolly cookies topped with icing sugar (color-customer choice) "L" - approx. 8cmx8cm= RM3.50 "S" approx. 5cmx5cm = RM2

3. Fondant Cake (1kg) = RM65

4. Chocolate Muffins (approx. 5.5cm height, 5cm top diameter) = RM1.30 each

5. Cutie cuppy cakes Price per piece based on order and design...

You can choose your design...

"L"-approx. 8cm top diameter, 4cm height

"M"-approx. 6cm top diameter, 3.7cm height

"S"-approx. 5cm top diameter, 3cm height

"L" - buttercream RM4 each ; fondant RM5 each

"M" - buttercream RM2.50 each ; fondant RM3.50

"S"- buttercream RM2 each ; fondant RM2.5 each

*Price subjected to simple buttercream design. Additional charge for special fondant toppers and individual packaging.

6. Plain Marble Cake / Buttercake (+/- 1kg)= RM28

7. Mini Chocolate Balls - RM0.60 each

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