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Friday, March 12, 2010

1. Chocolate Moist Steam Cake + MU edible image 2. Chocolate Moist Steam Cake + Fondant Daisy Flower

Both of this cakes are ordered from Maziah and Baharin for their "hantaran". The 1st cake is from Maziah to Baharin where it is basically a chocolate cake but on top of it is the edible image of MU as requested by Baharin..(noticed the devil is no longer there & being replaced by NO 1 huhu)
The 2nd cake was from Baharin to Maziah...for that cake again is the chocolate moist steam cake & it is being topped by the daisy fondant that I made it quite a while since its difficulty to dry (btw..its not gumpaste dat is easy to dry =) )
So thx a mill from my fren Maziah & hubby for the order...hope u enjoy it :)

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