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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes

This is a special order from Lily for her cousin's wedding in Nilai...who ordered it and brings to Nilai for the wedding's occassion. It's quite far and challenging for the to bring the 3-tier wedding cake. So the wedding cake she wants it to be simple with a combination of purple and terquoise color..I hope i spell it rite eh :)...but currently still waiting from Lily to mail me the cakes wheneva its being attached coz those above are the pictures that i have (please be informed that the 2nd and 3rd tier actually there's no flower but i just add in for this picture purpose coz i don't want it to look bold)...and instead of that those cuppies are also for her but not sure for what..maybe for family the design is simple and i stick to my choice of color which is basically pink and red to symbolize the LOVE...Neway, thx a lot Lily for the order...I hope u satisfied with the order. TQ

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