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Monday, May 21, 2012

Apam polkadot for kiddies

Salam to all....may all of you who read this have a very good & bless day today :)

Well...again.."rezeki apam" alhamdullillah...

An order from Normah's friend...sorry dunno your name but would like to thx to you for the apam order. This order is for her child kindergarten & dats y the design is far2 & yet very simple. The customer only request for filling (which I used raspberry, blueberry and pineapple as the fillings) & purple apam dats come to a conclusion, we decided to design it as smiley, alphabet (capital & small letters) and numbering...dats least while having dat apam...the children something too...dats the point!!! Till then, see ya again with another post :)

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