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Monday, May 14, 2012

Red Velvet + Carrot cuppies - Gym theme

Dearest all..pls note that we are not selling 9pcs cuppies for minimum order but you may request to pack it in a box for 9 M size cuppies like above pic :) the rest of the order will be pack in other box...Ok then..enough with the little reminder note...might as well to get back with this time post ok. Alright...focus focus and focus. So, this is an order from Nina for her husband for their 2nd anniversary. Well, gym theme are part of the velvet + carrot cuppies but not so sure that all of you know what's on top of the cuppies are haha. 1st is dumbell. 2nd is ???? ____ <--- pls fill in the blank. and the last 1 is I also forgot the name but we used to call it long / big dumbell. It's sounds dumb haha...Btw, thx Nina for the order!!!

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